Rome: the golden age

In the opening pages of Moby Dick, Captain Ahab is heard musing on the differences between war and gambling. “These are war’s cruelest battles,” he intones, referring to gambling, “and there is no prize for dying but gain of the flesh.” Then, as a sign of acknowledgment to a fallen sailor, he adds, “A man may lose his faith, and give up his soul.” Ahab undoubtedly knew what he was saying when he referred to gambling as “the death of a soul.” But, it seems, he was not alone in that conviction. The term “Golden Age” conjures up images of past glories – the glitter of gold coins, the decadence of the Roman villas, the opulence of the Roman world. All sound like something from a fairy tale. However, Rome was not a place of old-time fantasy. In fact, Rome was one of the most technologically advanced cultures of the ancient world. The “Golden Age” was a long time away, but the feeling of abundance was still present. To win at the games of fortune, you must know your enemies and adjust your strategy accordingly!

In the games of chance, every participant enters the stage with a set of dice. Players roll the dice and take the appropriate number of turns. If a participant rolls a single six, that person gets a free spin on that die. At the end of each round, the player who has rolled the highest number of dice wins. This is called the “scatter symbol.”

In the multi-player games, players can change their positions before the game starts. The payout is different depending on whether players change their initial positions during the game. Some of these are known as “free spots,” because players have the option of choosing whether or not they want to receive a payout.

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