European roulette

If you’ve ever wanted to know what European Roulette is, then read on. This article explains the most popular variations of this casino game, the rules behind them and the advantages they each give the player. By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what European Roulette is and why it’s such a popular game.

The most popular variations are the American and European roulette. In this article, you’ll discover simple and clear explanations to questions such as: what do American and European roulette have in common? and: which is more fun: the black jack or the wheel? All of these questions are answered in this quick guide to European Roulette, to help you get started in this exciting casino game. When you’re ready to play, remember the following rules:

When you place your bet, place your spin on any number of the casino’s chips that you choose. You may choose one red, one blue, one yellow or a mixture of any of these colors. It doesn’t matter what number the wheels land on as long as you choose a number when you place your bet. No matter where the wheel lands, your bet is a winner.

In European roulette, the house advantage wheel starts out with one single zero. As you place bets, this zero moves around the board and always lands on an ‘A’ – called the Ace. Bets with at least one ace will pay better than bets with no ances on the wheel, so be sure not to place any bets with an ace or double zero on the board. Also keep in mind that the multi-suit slot machines are played separately from the other multi-suit slots, so the same rules apply for multi-suit as well.

After you place your bets, the spins on the roulette wheel happen simultaneously. Before the wheel even stops, a number called the ‘low card’ is chosen. This card represents the lowest possible number that can be bet on. This is followed immediately by another number called the ‘high card’ which represents the second lowest number possible that can be bet on. The total number of all these cards after the initial two turns is called the ‘deal’.

When the dealer starts the second set of spins, the total number of bets raised has been reduced by the first two. After all the bets have been made, the dealer then deals another number called the ‘low card’ which is placed face up in front of the players. Players can either call it or fold. If a player calls, the dealer then deals three more cards and calls them as well. The european version has no such rule and is known as the zero card game.

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