Chests of plenty

If you like playing casino games of chance but are tired of the same boring games that you’ve been playing, then you should consider trying out the fascinating online version of the traditional slots game, the Chests of Plenty. This unique new version has all the fun of traditional slots games, yet you can play them right from your very own computer! If you love playing casino games but don’t feel like you have any luck winning them, then this may be just what you need.

Pros. The chests of plenty slot is associated with a progressive jackpot that can offer a real lucky player a very large sum of money upon winning. The new logo used for this version of slots is actually very similar to that of the original icon, so it is easy to remember. This logo is also used on a number of other slot machines around the internet, and is instantly recognizable.

Cons. Despite being very similar to the original slots game, the chests of plenty slot now features many different and unique graphics and icons. These graphics are not usually very pleasing to the eyes, but they do add some flash to the game. In addition, the bonus rounds of slots now feature a “lady pirate” bonus round, which has a very amusing theme. In both games, the icons change randomly every time you place a bet, and they also sometimes change if you transfer all of your coins to a single bill.

Draws. While it is true that the chests of plenty video slot machine uses progressive jackpots of $10k or more, many players find that they are not particularly lucrative due to the difficulty of actually hitting them. The result is that most players will only try their luck at hitting the smaller, higher paylines. Additionally, many of these video slot machines require a minimum payment of three coins to start. While this can be appealing for some, it can also keep newer players away from the video slot machines that offer much larger paylines, such as the ones on the video slot machines at casinos in Vegas. On the other hand, many progressive slot machines are located in states where casinos make payments to video slot operators based on the number of coins inserted into the machines.

Bonus Features. Like the Wild West, the chests of plenty feature a bonus area right at the beginning of the game. This bonus area allows players to double their money in one go, or receive double their money in two ways. These include getting an additional spin with each bet, or receiving a bonus for the total of all of your bets, regardless of whether they were a winner or not. Some of the bonus features are very nice; others are not. Many people report that while the bonus area is enjoyable to play around with, it is not worth the payout, especially when you consider that you can double your money and receive nothing in return.

All in all, the chests of plenty can be fun to play with, even if you have never played before. They can offer a unique casino experience with their wild, fun, slot-type games. However, do not rely solely on them to make your gambling dollars grow. Regardless of whether you enjoy the bonus rounds and the colorful, animated graphics, remember to play the traditional slot machines as well, and you should find that casinos will give you plenty of coin income.

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